The pizza dudes

From Staff Writer David Hennessey:

It’s Friday night and, blizzard or no blizzard, Greenwich residents need their pizza.

As of early Friday evening, with snow beginning to fall in earnest, Pomodoro in Riverside was still open for business.

And still delivering pizzas.

Though other popular Greenwich food and beverage spots — like the Starbucks on Greenwich Avenue — had already put out “closed for snowstorm” signs on front doors, the ovens inside Pomodoro were still hot and firing up calzones, pasta dishes, and flavorful pizzas.

Mark Mazzotta, restaurant president and founder, said Pomodoro is equipped with a four-wheel-drive vehicle to handle deliveries during winter storms. Though, for safety reasons, restaurant employees can’t deliver into the backcountry during wicked nor’easters, they’ll at least handle drop-offs within a couple-mile radius of Pomodoro for as long as the conditions allow.

Mazzotta predicted it would be “like Armageddon” later Friday with heavy snow pummeling the area and businesses closing up shop until the storm cleared, but he and his employees had no plans to lock up until at least 9 p.m. Friday, he said.

“We’re staying open as long as we can,” he said.

Mazzotta thought Pomodoro would continue to reflect the character of a cozy, welcoming Italian eatery as the storm progressed, offering weary travelers off the highways and diners looking for a piping hot, hearty meal a respite from the blizzard conditions.

Regulars can also rest assured that Pomodoro is ready to serve them — even when Mother Nature serves up a brutal storm, Mazzotta said.

“They’re absolutely confident we’re here and we’re open,” he said.

Albie Yuravich