Accidents in Derby caused by people throwing driveway snow into street

Derby’s Public Works is asking people to stop throwing snow into the road because it creates hazards.

Special Message from Department of Public Works

One of the major problems that the City has, except for the amount of snow, is people plowing their driveways into the road and leaving piles in the middle of the road.  We have already had two accidents caused  because of this.  We know there is not that much room to put the snow, but we ask the residents and the plow contractors to stop leaving big piles of snow in the middle of the road.  It is causing hazardous conditions.   Also, residents are also just throwing the snow back into the roads with their snow blowers.  Please blow the snow onto the lawns and not into the roads.   Both of these are illegal and people could be subject to arrest for causing hazardous conditions in the roads.   Thank you!

It’s a big problem for homeowners and towns, where to stick all this snow. In West Haven, plow trucks just left a six-foot-high pile of snow in the middle of one street. And people at the bottom of some hills, tossing snow into the street have effectively shut down some already plowed roads until trucks can return to plow the street again.

Rob Varnon