Fairfield ‘Code Red:’ Snow-clearing progress

Following is the text of the 6 p.m. Saturday “Code Red” message sent to Fairfield residents by First Selectman Michael Tetreau:

This is First Selectman Mike Tetreau with a report from Fairfield’s Emergency Management team as of 6 p.m.  Saturday evening.

It is now reported that Fairfield received 30 inches of snow causing drifts as high as 4-5 feet.

UI is now reporting some outages. In most cases, DPW has to clear the roads for the UI crews to get access to repair the lines. We are working very closely with UI to get power back to these residents as soon as possible.

The Governor has recently opened roads. However we are still asking residents to stay off the roads to allow our DPW crews to continue with clean up. If anyone does venture out, please realize that snow banks limit visibility especially at intersections.  Keep an eye out for pedestrians walking in the roads also.

DPW is reporting that almost all of our main roads are clear. They are also reporting that approximately 75 percent of our side streets are clear. The road clearing progress is going slower than anticipated due to the large amounts of snow and the need for pay loaders to assist with clearing. We have 380 cul-de-sacs that will most likely not be fully cleared until Monday.  We will provide updates on our progress tomorrow.

With temperatures dropping into single digits and wind chills reaching minus degrees, we are asking everyone one to stay home, stay warm and stay safe. We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience as we continue the road clearing activities.

Also, we are expecting rain and possibly more snow on Monday. This rain may cause excessive weight load on roofs especially flat roofs.  Please take appropriate precautions if your roofs are heavily weighted with snow.

Please check in on your neighbors especially the elderly and those with special needs.

If you get out to shovel it would be a big help if you would clear snow away from any fire hydrants.

Please call 203-254-4899 for non emergencies and 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

And if you get a chance be sure to thank our DPW crews out on the road!

Thanks for your help and stay safe.

John Schwing