Greenwich to the rescue

Greenwich escaped the brunt of the blizzard, which means it’s using its power for good — helping out the eastern part of the state.

Greenwich Emergency Management Director Dan Warzoha says the town’s emergency medical personnel are helping out in Bridgeport, where ambulances are stuck in huge drifts.

“It’s really bad up there,” Warzoha said.

Aside from waiting for the governor to lift the ban on state roads, Greenwich is in good shape — at least for getting through a storm that delivered 15 inches of snow by midnight. (Official totals, usually provided by the town Highway Department, which is rather busy, weren’t available this morning.)

“Route 1 isn’t in good shape,” Warzoha said. “If you’re nonessential travel, you’re going to get pulled over.”

Most major roads in town have been plowed, but secondary roads are still messy.

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Lisa Chamoff

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  1. Eric says:

    To the State of Connecticut (Town of Trumbull),

    I just wanted to leave a comment about the plowing service in the state of Connecticut and more importantly the Town of Trumbull. I am a resident of Albany, New York but I am originally from Trumbull and that is where my family currently lives. My mother and sister are both nurses and have worked 24 hours through the day and night of the storm. My mother left work this morning at 8 a.m. from Norwalk and it took her 5 hours to get home. The main reason for the long duration of travel was due to lack of plowed roads on I-95. The exits were not plowed and people were forced to abandon their cars. My mother finally got home to her road in Trumbull, but was then forced to abandon her car and walk over a half a mile in the snow to her home. This is a travesty for the state of Connecticut who cannot cater to the health professionals who spent over 24 hours ensuring the safety to all emergencies both related and not related to the storm. The state knew how bad the storm was going to be for an entire week and they failed in preparation for the storm. My mother and sister both have to get back to work tonight, but will not be able to if the roads are not plowed. This fault is not only hurting the individuals but it is also hurting hospitals who are responsible for taking care of those in need. Something needs to be done immediately