How much snow did we get?

The latest snowfall data released by the National Weather Service Saturday.

For the complete list, click here.


BRIDGEPORT     30 inches

STRATFORD        33


DARIEN                  22

DANBURY             21.5

NORWALK            22

GREENWICH       15.5

NEWTOWN          17.1

SHELTON            26.6

STAMFORD         19

FAIRFIELD          35

BETHEL                16


WESTPORT        18.2

WESTON             25.5

MONROE           30


HAMDEN                  40

MADISON                 32

MERIDEN                30

NEW HAVEN         34.3

GUILFORD               33


MILFORD                 38

OXFORD                   36.2

SOUTHBURY          26.3

NAUGATUCK          30

WATERBURY          32


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Jim Shay

15 Responses

  1. Eleanore D says:

    measured a lot of places around home, not in drifts and Norwalk near wilton line was 14 inches.

  2. MrG says:

    34″ in Ansonia. Majority of side roads still closed, snow is waist deep. Hey American: “national socialist attitide”?? it’s a report about the weather. Please put down your weapon and join the normal people.

  3. john says:

    ridgefield 12″s??? Pretty sure i measured 23″ Really accurate snowfall total….

  4. Tony DeRosa says:

    I had 30″ in Sandy Hook with drifts on my driveway as high as 40″.

  5. Spencer says:

    Measured 19″ here in Stamford, looks like a bit less on the ground due to compaction, the National Weather Service official measurements are every six hours, which is what I did to get that total. The variance in the totals comes from banding, where the heaviest bands set up gives the best totals, in this case, there was a supercharged band that set up in the central part of the state, leading to the huge totals there. other smaller bands set up in other places around the state, and if you were under a band, and for how long, determined if you got moderate snow or into the really heavy stuff.

  6. alex says:

    I can’t believe the variance in these totals. How could one storm drop 12 inches in Ridgefield and 20.2 inches in Danbury? I measured 30in in Monroe in my backyard where I thought there was no drift, but its tough with the wind coming from all different directions.

  7. CT says:

    Last I heard there were a few other counties in Connecticut, including one called something like “Litchfield” or “Litchfeld” or something like that, maybe the News-Times has also heard of it? Or perhaps they didn’t get any snowfall there?

  8. Uncledave says:

    Not that it’s important but, how much snow did we (Stamford) get? Idiot news.

  9. Christine says:

    LOL! Every town surrounding us got between 20-28 inches, but Ridgefield got 12? Who reported that? Without the drifts, we were at about 20-21 this morning at my house.

  10. drive fast take chances says:

    Where is Stamford’s total listed ? Typical inferior reporting from hearst.

  11. JPinCT says:

    I’m on California St in Stratford, I’m saying 34″ across the board here. Snowblower is 30″ high and not one part of driveway or sidewalks was clearing the crest of the snow, drifts over 4′.

  12. AC says:

    What about Stamford?

  13. LL says:

    38 inches? Some people in Milford must be measuring snow drifts

  14. […] CT news site. But there's a 30% chance of additional snow is in the forecast for today over there. How much snow did we get? – Weather – Connecticut News NOAA National Weather Service — Milford, […]

  15. American says:

    What a crock. Hope your national socialist attitude saves you from everything. There was a time when New England would survive. Not any longer. You are now doomed to failure under obamaism.