Malloy keeps roads closed

Stay off the roads. That’s not a request, but an order from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The traffic ban extends to all vehicles except emergency response vehicles and recovery vehicles with the capacity to maneuver heavy snow.

“It’s critical right now that residents stay off the roads, so that our plows can continue their efforts to clear our streets and highways,” said Governor Malloy. “This is a record setting storm. It’s going to take time to dig out of the snow. Stalled or abandoned vehicles will only slow that process. Unless you face an emergency, please stay put.”

Many roads till remain impassable.

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Jim Shay

4 Responses

  1. Earl Watson says:

    go be a dumbass and head on out. nobody will come get you.

  2. Snowbound says:

    People are idiots. @ nowaytoday – Are you seriously telling me that you don’t have enough food in your house to last until Sunday? I have no idea why people feel that they can’t stay in the house for one single day. If you miss your car so much just go sit inside it for an hour or two.

  3. Slapped says:

    “Ordered” not to drive? What country do we live in? 15 inches of snow and the entire state is ordered not move freely? Way too much government and getting worse by the day.

  4. nowaytoday says:

    oohh I’m scared, well need to go out and get some food. All the roads are not that bad, maybe some parts of the state they are but least here they are ok.