Travel ban imposed in Bridgeport

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy may have lifted the travel ban at 4 p.m. Saturday.

But Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch imposed a Bridgeport travel plan starting at 4 p.m.

Press release:

As of 4 p.m. today (Saturday) Mayor Bill Finch has ordered a local travel ban into effect for all City streets.

“While the Governor has lifted his travel ban, we are still working hard to clear main arteries and snow emergency streets leading to our hospitals and fire stations. We need drivers to stay off the roads and allow our snow plowing crews to do their work,” said Mayor Finch.

According to Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr., those who do choose to venture out will be subject to fines and towing for attempting to travel on city streets that have not been cleared.

The Snow Emergency Parking Ban remains in effect until further notice. Plow crews are concentrating on clearing major roads and snow emergency streets leading to city hospitals, fire stations and other critical infrastructure areas. As those areas are cleared, crews will move on to secondary roads.

“We are asking everyone to have patience and to stay inside until snow plows can make their way down City streets. Private contractors are supplementing city crews in clearing roads, and towing stranded first responder vehicles and abandoned cars.

Mayor Finch put out a call to private contractors and to leaders in other towns, which were not hit as hard to assist the City with its snow removal efforts by sending heavy equipment and operators. He also asked anyone who would like to volunteer the use of a snowmobile or ATV to assist first responders too call the City’s Emergency Operations Center at 203.579.3829.

The historic blizzard dumped an estimated 30 inches of snow in Bridgeport.

Mayor Finch urged people to stay inside and to help their neighbors. “I’ve already heard stories of city residents bringing stranded people into their homes for shelter at the height of the storm,” he said. “This morning, emergency workers found a man collapsed in the snow and brought him into a nearby house as public works cleared a path for an AMR vehicle to get him to the hospital.”

“People only need to look out their windows to see the magnitude of this storm,” Finch said. “We have a plan in motion with realistic expectations, but digging out will take time. Be patient. Be kind to your neighbors.”

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Jim Shay

13 Responses

  1. pootz says:

    Maybe if the compromise with this travel ban I can get volunteers down thereto help shovel out peoples cars and houses

  2. Frank Madarazz says:

    To sole breadwinner… You should of planned properly and you wouldn’t have to worry about food in you house or oil in you tank… Stop whining we’re all in the same boat…

  3. J says:

    Hard to plow the streets when there are cars blocking the roads…. DUH! You need the Police, Fire or Ambulance n a hurry…… – remember your neighbors who wouldn’t lend a hand in cleaning up….

  4. Doris says:

    I live at the end of a dead end st.The do you think I’ll get plowed out.

  5. sole breadwinner says:

    I am a nurse that has had to turn down shifts because even if my car wasn’t buried under 4 feet of snow, my street hasn’t seen a plow yet. I need food in my house and I can’t even call for a fuel delivery because they wouldn’t be able to get to the house. This is ridiculous and dangerous.

  6. al gerald says:

    You know Pinch, i fking have to go to work, may damn street is covered and there is no point in shoveling now if the plows are coming by in the next few days ,, your an a$$ hole!!

  7. ann sam says:

    I would also like some of my tax money back. Sunday morning 12.25am and not a sign of a plow on my street in the north end of Bridgeport. I was told if there was an emergency with my 88 year old Mother to call 911 and they would send equipment to clear the street. By the time they would do that it might be too late. Bridgeport has always been terrible clearing snow but this is crazy.

    Let’s bring back the only mayor that did anything to help Bridgport Joe Ganim. He was the best mayor we ever had, if it were not for Rowland, he would probably be governor by now.

  8. Ruby says:

    Of course there’s a travel ban… THE STREETS HAVE NOT BEEN PLOWED AT ALL!
    It’s Saturday night, and I have not seen one plow in the North End.
    I can’t even leave my house, and I pay more than $5,000 taxes on my lttle cape cod home. OUTRAGEOUS!!

  9. A Nonny Mouse says:

    I don’t want Finch’s resignation, but between the Sandy response and THIS nonsense, I want some of my beaucoup tax dollars back!

  10. A Nonny Mouse says:

    What a joke! A “travel ban”?? Where the h**l are we going to go when there is still 3 or 4 feet of snow on streets that haven’t seen a snowplow yet??

    And what is the plan of attack when fire or EMS is needed on a street that impassable due to untouched snow?

  11. Snow Man says:

    This idiot we have for a Mayor has to go NOW!

  12. Sadinbpt says:

    Unreal. Please ask this idiot why Fairfield is completely plowed, primary and secondary and bpt major roads are not. The answer will amaze you. See
    Stunning incompetence

  13. ChrisinBpt says:

    Can’t drive on the roads anyway since they haven’t been plowed. Emergency vehicles can’t get down the streets. Seriously time to demand Finch’s resignation.