List of passable streets in Bridgeport

From the City of Bridgeport:

Below is a list of roads that are passable. The City of Bridgeport lifted its travel ban at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The List of Passable Streets in Bridgeport can be found on the City of Bridgeport website at:

Or use this link:

Last updated: Wednesday, February 13 at 11:36 p.m.

* indicates newest additions to the list

Acorn Ave.*

Acton Rd.

Adams St.

Admiral St.

Alameda Pl.

Alba Ave. (All parts including estates)

Albamarle St.*

Albion St.

Aldine Ave.

Aldine St. (East Main St. to dead end)

Alex St.

Alexander Ave.

Alfred St.

Alice St.

Alpine St.

Amsterdam Ave.

Anchorage Dr.

Andover Ave.

Anton Dr.

Anton St.

Anthony Dr.

Arcadia Ave.

Arlington St.

Armitage Dr.

Armstrong Pl.

Arthur St.

Ashton St.

Astoria Ave.

Baldwin St.

Balmforth St.

Balsam Ave.

Bancroft Ave.

Bank St.

Bankside St.

Barclay St.

Barnum Ave. (Seaview Ave. to Stratford town line)

Bartram Ave.

Bassick Ave.

Battery Park Dr.

Bay St.

Beacon St.

Beach St. (Jane St. to Noble Ave.)*

Bear Paw Rd.

Beardsley St.

Beatrice St.

Beauvue Ter.*

Bedford Ave.

Beecher St.

Beechmont Ave.

Beechwood Ave.

Belmont Ave.

Benham St.

Berkeley Pl.

Beverly Dr.

Beverly Pl.

Birdsey St.

Bishop Ave.

Blackrock Ave.

Blackrock St.*

Blackstone St.

Blueberry Rd.

Bond St.

Booth St.

Boston Ave.

Bostwick Ave.

Bowker Pl.

Bradley St.

Bretton St.

Brewster St.

Briarwood Ave.

Broad St.

Broadbridge Rd.

Bronx Ave.

Brooklawn Ave.

Brooklawn Pl.

Brooks St.

Brookside Ave.

Bruce Blvd.

Bryant St.

Bunnell St.

Burnsford Ave. (Merrit St. to Madison Ave.)

Burr Ct.

Burr Rd.

Butler Ave.

Bywater Ln.

Calderwood Ct.

Calhoun Ave.

Calvert Pl.*

Cambridge St.

Camp Pl.*

Cannon St.

Capitol Ave. (Park Ave. to Madison Ave.)

Capitol Ave. (Lindley St. to Lincoln Blvd.)

Carlson Ave.*

Carlton Ave.

Caroline St.

Carrie St.

Carroll Ave. (Stratford Ave. to Bay St.)

Cartright St.

Catherine St.

Cedar St.

Center St.

Central Ave. (Stratford Ave. to Orange St.)

Cesar Batalla Way

Chalmers Ave.

Chapel St.

Charles St.

Charlotte St.

Cherry Hill Dr.*

Chestnut St.

Chopsey Hill Rd.

Circular Ave.

Cityview Ave.

Claire St.*

Clark St.

Clarkson St.

Clermont Ave.

Cleveland Ave.

Clifton Pl.*

Clinton Ave.

Clover Hill Ave.

Coggswell St.

Colorado Ave.

Columbia St.*

Concord St.

Congress St.

Connecticut Ave.

Corn Tassel Rd.

Cornhill St.

Cottage St.*

Cotter Dr.

Courtland Ave.

Cowles St.

Crescent Ave.

Crescent Pl.

Crestview Dr.

Crown St.

Cumberland Dr.

Currier St.

Dale St.

Daniel Dr.

Daniels St.

Davidson St.

Davis Ave.

Dayton Rd.

Deacon St.

Deforest Ave.

Dekalb Ave.

Denver Ave.

Denver Ct.

Deramo Pl.

Dewey St.

Dexter Dr.

Division St.*

Dobson St.

Dodd Ave.*

Donald Cir.

Dora Cir.

Doreen Dr.

Duane Pl.

Eagle St.

East Main St.

Eastway Rd.

Eckart St.

Edgemoor Rd.

Edna Ave.

Edward St.*

Ellsworth St.

Elmwood Ave.

Elmwood Pl.

Emerald St.

Eric St.*

Essex St.

Everett St.

Evers Ct.

Evers Pl.

Evers St.

Fairfax Rd.

Fairfield Ave.

Fairlawns Ave.

Fayerweather Ter.

Federal St.

Ferris St.

Fifth St.

Fleetwood St.

Flowers St.

Folino Dr.

Forest Ct.

Forestview Rd.

Foster Sq.

Fourth St.

Fox St.

Frank St.

French St.

Frenchtown Rd.

Funston Ave.*

Garden St.

Garfield Ave.

George St.

Gilman St.

Gilmore St.*

Glen Cir.

Glen Ct.

Glen Pl.

Glenbrook Rd.

Glenvale Cir.

Glenvale Ter.

Glenwood Ave.

Goddard Ave.

Gold St.

Golden Hill St.

Goldenrod Ave.

Goodsell St.

Grand St.

Grandview Ave.*

Granfield Ave.

Grant St.

Greenfield Dr.

Gregory St.

Grenelle St.

Greystone Rd.

Griffin Ave.

Grove St.

Grovers St.

Guilford Dr.

Hackley St.

Hadley St.

Hallet St.

Hamilton St.

Hancock Ave.

Hanford Ave.

Hanover St.

Hanson Ave.

Harbor St.

Harborview Ave.

Harborview Pl.

Harlem Ave.

Harral Ave.

Harriett St.

Hart St.

Hawley Ave.

Hayes St.

Hazel Ave.

Hazelwood Ave.

Helen St.

Heppinstall Dr.

Herald Ave.*

Herbert St.

Heritage Pl.

Hewitt Ct.

Hewitt St.

Hickory St.

Hicks St.

Highland Ave.

Hill St.

Hillcrest Rd.*

Hilltop Rd.

Hillview St.

Holland Hill Cir.

Holland Rd.

Hollister Ave. (Connecticut Ave. to Orange St.)

Holly St.

Hollywood Ave.*

Holroyd St.

Homestead Ave.

Hooker Rd.

Hope St.

Horace St.

Housatonic Ave.

Houston Ave.*

Howard Ave.

Howard Ct.

Howard Pl.

Hubbell St.

Hughes Ave.

Hunting St.

Huntington Rd.

Huntington Turnpike

Hurd Ave.

Indian Field Rd.

Infield St.*

Iranistan Ave.

Islandbrook Ave.

Ives Ct.

Iwanicki Cir.

Jackson Ave.

James St.

Jefferson St.

Jennifer Dr.

Jennings Ave.

Jetland St.

Jewett Ave.

Jones Ave.

Jourmire Rd.

Julian Dr.

Kensington Pl.

Kent Ave.

Kent St.

Kevin Rd.

King St.

Kingsbury Rd.

Knoll Pl.

Knowlton St.

Kossuth St.

Lafayette Blvd.

Lakeside Dr.

Lakeview Ave.*

Laurel Ave.

Laurel Ct.

Laurel Pl.

Lee Ave.

Lenox Ave.

Lesbia St.

Leslie Rd.*

Lewis St.

Lincoln Ave.

Lincoln Blvd.

Linda Dr.

Linden Ave.

Lindley St. (North Ave. to Summit St.)

Little Deer Rd.

Livingston Pl.

Locust St.

Logan St.

Loretta Pl.

Louisiana Ave.

Lumber St.

Luther St.

Lycett St.

Lynne Pl.

Macon Rd.

Madison Ave. (Old Town Rd. To Capitol Ave.)

Maechele Pl.

Macon Rd.

Madison Ave.

Madison Ter.

Magnolia St.

Main St.

Maple St.

Maplewood Ave.

Marconi Ave.*

Marigold Ave.*

Marilyn Dr.

Markle Ct.

Martha Pl.

Martin Ter.

May St.

McKinley Ave.

Melrose Ave.

Merchant St.

Merritt St.

Middle St.

Midland St.

Miles St.

Mill Hill Ave.

Minnesota Ave.

Minturn Rd.

Monroe St.

Morehouse St.

Morningside Dr.

Morton Ave.

Mountain Grove St.

Nancy Dr.

Nelson Ter.

Newfield Ave.

Noble Ave. (Boston Ave. to Trumbull town line)

Norman St.

North Ave.

Northfield Dr.

Northfield St.

Nutmeg Rd.

Oak St.

Oakdale St.*

Oakleaf St.

Oakview Cir.

Oakwood St.*

Ocean Ave.

Ogden St.

Ohio Ave.

Old Battery Rd.

Old Town Rd.

Olive St.

Oliver St.

Omen St.

Orange St. (Hollister Ave. to Newfield Ave.)

Orchard St.*

Ordnance Ct.

Organ St.

Ortega Ave.

Overland Ave.

Oxbrook Rd.

Oxford St.

Palisade Ave.

Palm St.

Palmer St.

Park Ave. (Old Town Rd. to North Ave.)

Park Dr.

Park St.

Park Ter.

Parkview Pl.*

Pasadena Pl.

Patricia Rd.*

Pavlik Pl.

Pearl St.

Pearsall Ln.

Pearsall Way

Pembroke St.

Pennsylvania Ave.

Pequonnock St. (East Washington Ave. to Park Ave.)

Pershing Rd.*

Perth St.

Pierce Ave.

Pierce Pl.

Pilgrim Pl.

Pilgrim Rd.

Pine St.

Pinepoint Dr.

Plankton St.

Pleateau St.

Platt Pl.

Platt St.

Pleasant St.

Plymouth St.

Polk St.*

Pond St.*

Ponham Rd.

Poplar St.

Porter St.

Prescott St.

Princeton St.

Priscilla Cir.

Priscilla St.

Prospect St.

Pulaski St.

Putnam St.

Queen St.

Quince St.

Radel St.

Raechle St.

Railroad Ave.

Ranch Dr.

Randell Ave.

Read St.

Redoak Rd.

Regency St.*

Rennell St.*

Reservoir Ave.

Ridgebrook Dr.

Ridgevale Pl.

Ridgewood Pl.

Rita Ave.*

Riverview Dr.*

Robin St.

Rockland St.

Rocton Ave.

Rogerson Cir.

Rooster River Blvd.

Rose St.

Rosedale St.

Rosemary Dr.*

Rosewood Pl.

Royce Pl.

Rusling Pl.

Russell Rd.

Ruth St.

Sailors Ln.

Salem St.

Sampson St.

Savoy St.

School St.

Scofield Ave.

Seabright Ave.

Seaside Ave.

Seaver Cir.

Seaview Ave.

Sedgewick St.

Seeley St.

Seltsam Rd.

Seltsam St.

Sequoia Rd.

Serpentine Rd.

Shell St.

Shelton St.

Sherwood Ave.

Sidney St.

Siemon St.

Silliman Ave.

Silver Ln.

Sixth St.

Smith St.

Soundview Ave.

South Ave. (Barnum Dyke to Iranistan Ave.)

Sprague Ln.

Spring St.

Springdale St.

St. Stephens Rd.

Standish St.

State St.

Sterling Pl.

Steuben St.

Stillman St.

Stoehr Pl.

Stone Ridge Rd.

Stratfield Pl.

Stratford Ave.

Success Ave.

Suggets Ln.

Sullivan Pl.

Summitt St.

Sunburst Rd.

Sunnydale Rd.

Sunrise Ter.*

Sylvan Ave.

Sylvan St.

Taft Ave.

Texas Ave.

Third St.

Thorme Pl.

Thorme St.

Thurston St.

Tom Thumb St.

Toni Pl.

Travis Dr.*

Treelane Dr.*

Tremont Ave.

Trojan Dr.

Trowell St.

Truman St.

Trumbull Ave.

Tully Cir.

Union Ave. (Orange St. to Stratford Ave.)

Unquowa Hill St.

Valley Ave.

Valley Cir.

Vernon St.

Victory Ave.*

Village Ln.

Vincelette St.

Vine St.

Voight Ave.*

Wakeman St.

Waldemere Ave.

Wall St.

Wallace St.

Warsaw St.

Washington Ave.

Water St.

Waterman St.

Waterview Ave.

Waverly Pl.

Wayne St.

Webster St.

Wedgewood Pl.

Wells St.

West Ave.

West Jackson Ave.

West Morgan Ave.

West Parkway

Westfield Ave. (Park Ave. to Madison Ave.)

Westmore Rd.

Wheeler Ave.

White St.

Wickliffe Cir.

Wilcox St.*

Wilkins Ave.*

Williams St.

Williamsburg Dr.

Williston St.

Willow St.

Wilmot Ave.

Wilmot Pl.

Wilson St.

Wood Ave.

Woodbine Cir.

Woodland Ave.

Woodmere Rd.

Woodmont Ave.*

Woodside Ave.

Wordin Ave.

Worth St.

Yacht St.

Yale St.

Yaremich Dr.

York St.

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Jim Shay

34 Responses

  1. L. Santiago says:

    PATHETIC!! Sunshine Circle has not been plowed and another storm is around the corner. How can you plow all the streets surrounding us and skipped this street. Whomever is making decisions in which streets to plow have no skills. HORRIBLE, THIS CITY STINKS!! Trust me i will remember when voting comes!!!

  2. Ex-Nutmegger says:

    Hey – Mayor Finch probably doesn’t give a hoot – does he live in Westport maybe?

    FLASH: 10 Most Taxed Cities in America
    Heading the list as the MOST taxed:

    #1 Bridgeport, CT

    Connecticut’s largest city is one of NYC’s outlying suburbs, and an average family of three forks over a staggering 24.5% of their income to state & local taxes.
    That works out to about $12,250, over $10,000 of which is property tax alone.

    What are you getting for it? I left there for South Florida 43 years ago when I was only 29 but I still have family & friends in the area.

  3. Patrick says:

    I know this is not valid, because as the city claims, Princeton St. is cleared, when the truth is that there is a one way path for cars to move which was shoveled by the residents on that street and plows still have yet to be seen!

  4. erin says:


  5. Phil says:

    If I lived in Bridgeport, I would be justified to reduce my property tax bill by what it cost me to clear the snow the city is responsible for and any other related costs to me..

    I know this was a big storm, but the streets could have been maintained properly with the right method of plowing and salt applications.

  6. Nancy says:


  7. Grady Johnson says:

    When can Remington st be done we have elderly and sick people on this street that need help now people are out of food this is really getting bad.

  8. Jay H says:

    After getting together with a few people we shoveled the snow on our street clean as we could get it for two passable lanes and parking spaces ….only to have city workers with police to come tow people’s cars like a thief in the night, as a tax paying citizen I’m quite upset with you mayor Finch giving these orders… I’m sure your street was the first one throughout the city to be cleaned, get up off your butt mayor Finch and do what you were put in office to do.

  9. Lisa says:

    This list is a LIE! Tremont Ave NOT TOUCHED by a plow as of the time this list was posted (2/12/13 7:30 pm!!)…..3 am wake-up call, on day 6 post-storm NEMO (2/13/13) — beeping pay-loader finally clearing my road of snow, dumps it all on my nice clean sidewalk. ..someone tell mayorFinch I will not pay $100. Pic to follow…

  10. Janis Hahn says:

    I have an uncle coming home from a rehab center, unable to walk.
    They are planning on sending him home Wednesday, believing that this list is correct with what streets are plowed. How can we be sure?

  11. Marlene says:

    Hello!!!! Take Catherine St. off your list liars! Catherine St. runs from Washington Ave. to North Ave. The section between Grand and North was BLOCKED by a PLOW DRIVER while plowing the other side of Catherine, between Frank and Grand. The driver pushed the snow into this end about a quarter of the way and left a wide 6 foot high pile in the middle of the street. A little while ago a plow breezed by and cleared a small path on one side of this section of Catherine. There is still quite a bit of HIGH MOUNTAINS of snow here. LIARS!!!

  12. Pedro says:

    It is crazy how the streets in between us have been plowed and our street in Sunshine Circle have been skipped. What in the world is going on? Whomever is managing these plows is doing a horrible job? Why skip our street when the other streets surrounding us are plowed already to then come back to us? This is ridiculous decision making and definitely something to think about when voting time comes. Thats for sure!!!

  13. ana says:

    rosedale st. Is not a passable street. the litte part that is clean the neighbors cleaned please make sure your list is accurate

  14. Karen says:

    Another storm is headed this way on Sunday…Get ready again!!

  15. Karen says:

    This is the action of our Mayor..I was told the DPW workers went home at 11:00 and were not able to get back in Saturday morning!! REALLY Mayor..We did not see ANY plows at all Saturday and it was the citizens and neighbors who all worked as a team to clean our OWN streets!! I live off Park Avenue and 1 lane was open and ambulances were stuck for 20 minutes or more !! People died due to ambulances not being able to get to homes with those in need…And to top it all off, we are told if your house is on fire, we can NOT get to you, so get outside!!! Where are our tax dollars going?? The MAyor looked so embrassed on channel 12 and then I jear the City purchased like 20 new snow throwers….Wonder who the MAyor wil give them to as gifts!!! This City knew the strom was headed this way and the size of it, now get with it and send a THANK YOU to all the people who did YOUR job!!

  16. D.RIVERA says:

    Why do we have a parking ban in BPT if no one is going to enforce it. Now the city is complaining about the parked cars blocking the plows. In New York City they put a parking ban before the storm comes in and dears you to leave your cars on the street. They get towed real fast. The North End seems to be the kicking boy of the city. Only Thorme ST counts. It’s a shame the taxes we pay in this city and the services we get for the money they take in. Again it’s only Bridgeport what can you expect. Please Remember this storm when you vote next time.

  17. Cynthia says:

    This list of passable streets are beyond ridiculous. There hasn’t been a plow truck on Federal Street since Friday afternoon around 2pm. The snow is packed so high you can walk right on top of it and 4 days later there still isn’t a plow truck in sight. Charles Street hasn’t seen a plow truck either. How are city residents supposed to get to their job if we can’t get out of the driveway/parking lot/ parking space? Mayor Finch should be ashamed of himself for NOT handling this crisis in a timely fashion. The streets are so bad that the bus service nor cab service is operational. This puts human lives at greater risk because they have to walk IN the street since residents can’t get out to clear their sidewalks. Mayor Bill Finch I will remember this when the next election takes place; this is one vote you’re not getting.

  18. east side resident says:

    Why are most streets in my area being plowed, but I live on Kossuth St. and still no progress. we would also like to be able to come and go as needed especially those of us who need to be at work the rest of this week

  19. Debra says:

    Why only 1/2 of many streets are plowed????

  20. Rick says:

    I don’t know where they got their information from but a lot of the streets are NOT passable.

  21. Maria says:

    Main st. was barely passable this morning.

  22. Marianne Spinelli says:

    Success Avenue is on this list…..just try and drive down it! Who determined that this is passable. I dare you Mr. Mayor to drive down that street with your personal automobile…..oh that’s right you have a city owned vehicle!!! This list is a JOKE

  23. ChrisTaylor says:

    How about putting this list in alphabetic order so it’s usable.
    Like everything else, half done. . .

  24. marushka says:

    I agree. they should not have waited for all that accumulation. They really did not make the right call and now it is a holy mess! The North end is still paralyzed as far as the side streets. Madison and Park Avenue are OK. Also they knew what was coming, all the cars should have been moved on Thursday, towed, ticketed whatever. Just a series of bad calls and now they throw there hands up.

  25. Kathy says:

    Main Street is a disaster. Tried to make my way to the train station this morning and it was a mess. There is no excuse for this. I understand how challenging this cleanup is, but the main roads should be clear. This situation should be investigated.

  26. Paul Memoli says:

    When this list was compiled, Louisiana Ave, Pennsylvania Ave, Texas Ave and others on the Remington Woods side of East Main St only had paths made by private home-owners. Sunday afternoon, when my girlfriend needed to get to a hospital, we had to walk from Nob Hill Circle, up Pennsylvania Ave, to East Main St in order to meet the ambulance.

    I am not blaming anybody for anything… but it does seem that extreme weather is here to stay.

  27. Conn mom says:

    This is a joke!!! Total disgust. All roads off Boston Ave need help Now!

  28. Milania D. says:

    This is truly disgusting. I have not been able to get out of my house since Friday!! Why must Bridgeport always wait until the problem is bad to then reach out for help? The weather forecasters predicted in advance that this storm would be historic, producing several feet of snow!! Why was the heavy equipment needed to move the snow not brought in BEFORE the blizzard arrived?? etc… It is all just common sense!! For those of us who work we pay so much HIGH taxes, but yet cannot even get our streets plowed in a timely manner!!! I truly hate this town and cannot wait to move away from here!!

  29. Martha Petersen says:

    You call those roads plowed??? Iranistan is one snowy lane blocked by stuck cars. What – one block of Lafayette?
    Do not rely on this posting for travel.

  30. Von says:

    The city is a LIE…at least a handful of the streets they claim to be cleared on their website are, in fact, not. This is an ultimate travesty for residents to be trapped and we pay the highest taxes in the state. I’m a Bpt. resident who’s ridden w/ the city for as long as I’ve been here, often defending it to those trying to put it down–and then Finch does this to its hardworking residents? I’m so done…I’m moving out ASAP! (As soon as they plow the streets, that is…who knows when that’ll be, though!)

  31. Bob DAprile says:

    on the list of passable roads

    Fairfield Avenue (from where to where?)

    Lafayette Blvd (all the way to UB?)

    is Broad Street clear to UB?

    I am interested in getting from I-95 to the UB Student Center. I want to help out at WPKN.

  32. Ruby says:

    Please remember this at election time.
    They should have been plowing all night before the snow got too heavy to move.
    But Finch told the DPW to go home of Friday to get some rest.
    Then they couldn’t get out of their houses on Saturday morning. What a fiasco!
    I’m a senior citizen who is stuck in my house having an anxiety attack.

  33. Snow Man says:


  34. ann sam says:

    The mayor of Bridgeport should resign immediately. If he can not prepare better than this for a snow storm then he does not belong in this job.

    Bring Back Joe Gamin, he was the best mayor the city ever had, he did nothing more wrong than anyone else in office. It was just that Rowland had it in for him because he was afraid of his popularity in the state.

    Mayor Finch resign