Metro-North official: Expect half of normal Monday morning rush from New Haven to Stamford

Latest MTA update:

Waterbury Branch train service remains suspended due to the severity of the winter storm.  No bus service will be provided on account of adverse road conditions.

New Haven Line Service is now operating on or close to schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this incident.


This just in from Metro-North Railroad spokeswoman Marjorie Anders:

“Normal weekday schedules will be in effect (Monday) on the entire Hudson and Harlem lines, as well as on the New Haven Line between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal.

Between New Haven and Stamford, Metro-North is prepared to provide about half of its normal Monday morning rush hour service. Train service will resume on the Danbury and New Canaan branches, but not the Waterbury branch.

A schedule will be posted later tonight at

Crews continue working to remove deep snow from yards in New Haven and Bridgeport and to clear the track switches that allow trains to change from one track to another. About 45 maintenance of way workers from NYC Transit rode a diesel train to Bridgeport and New Haven yards to assist in the clean up effort. Another crew of 45 workers will arrive at about 9:30 pm to continue working in the yards.

There are two jet engine snow blowers at work and CDOT has sent two front end loaders and several triple axle trucks to remove snow from the yards.

In addition, deep snow has to be removed manually from the roof of each train car so that the pantographs can go up and down. (The pantographs are the mechanical arms that capture electricity from the overhead catenary wires.)

People may notice that Metro-North Railroad will be running empty trains up and down the line this evening to loosen the wires and pantographs and test the switches. These trains cannot carry passengers because of the uncertainty of conditions along the right of way and we do not want to strand any customers. These test trains will help the railroad assess the conditions and better plan tomorrow’s service.

Among many challenges in providing service is getting train crews to their work locations. Many local roads where MNR crews live are impassable.

MNR has been told that CDOT is working with the National Guard is helping to clear roads in and out of MNR facilities, to clear a path from 1-95 to yards, so that crews can report to work.

It is anticipated that many people who normally rely on MNR to get to work will be unable to reach their home train stations because many local roads remain impassable. MNR expects that some 10 trains instead of the usual 15 in the AM peak will suffice without excessive crowding. The railroad will be monitoring conditions throughout the morning.”

Brian Koonz