Weather updates for Fairfield County Connecticut

Rising complaints: Where’s the plow?


People living on streets that haven’t gotten plowed are getting a little restless.

One reader blamed their town for not purchasing the right equipment. “Why is it that we continually get huge storms and they continue to purchase equipment for minor plowing? In Canada they get 7 1/2 feet of snow in a week and the roads are drivable the entire time. How come they can do it and we can’t? Their budgets for the entire town for all operations equal our plowing budgets alone and we still get nothing done in a reasonable amount of time.”

Derby Mayor Anthony Staffieri said this historic storm taught the city an important lesson — the small pickup and dump trucks can’t handle this amount of snow. “They just can’t push this amount of snow,” he said. “We had to hire some independent contractors with payloaders.”

Oxford First Selectman George Temple says a number of snow plows became stuck in the deep snow.

In this video above shot this morning, Oxford DPW crews are using a pay loader to clear town roads. The pay loader was followed by a regular plow truck. Roads are totally cleared, but passable. Crews tried to push the snow off the road, but sometimes had to dump huge piles of snow on yards.

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Jim Shay

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  1. stratford still a is 7pm monday jackson ave stfd still not plowed and cross roards are not plowed either.all of hollisted heights stranded.god forbid if we need emergency vehicles.we will be word from our mayor either and they do not answer the phone or e-mails.i hope i can deduct my missed days from work from my taxes.

  2. Peggy Marino says:

    Stratford is a mess. We have not been plowed out yet. I can not remember ever not being plowed out after a storm. Rumors are flying around…. Only 3 plows in the town, the town has run out of diesel fuel, very limited response from the mayor. It is increasingly difficult to be patient. We are trapped with no hope of emergency vehicles getting down our street if needed.

  3. marushka says:

    Typical lack of preparation from old Bridgeport. It snows one inch they all over it, it snows 2 feet nary a plow in sight……I do not get much from my taxes here for sure.

  4. Danburied says:

    Where are the plow’s you ask?….. Digging out the cars off the highways so they can actually plow the highways. There is a stretch of highway 27 miles long closed becuase of this exact reason. These guys can’t get much done when there is a bunch of buried cars all over the place! It’s so nice when people don’t listen, and stay off the roads when told to… this is the end result. This goes for seconday roads as well.

  5. lck says:

    Mayor Finch keeps talking about the streets with abandoned cars mucking up the works, there are numerous streets that DON’T have such cars, why not send some of the plows to those streets and get some people moving again and not use all the man power and plows on the problems while making no headway anywhere else.

  6. Ex-Nutmegger says:

    @ Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    What is this – is Bridgeport now wimpy too beside being the “Most Taxed city in the United States according to Forbes?

  7. Ex-Nutmegger says:

    Ever hear of Jasper McLevy, Mayor of Bridgeport? 2 city snowplows for the whole City of Bridgeport back in the 1950s.

    Jasper’s theory – “God put the snow there – let God take it away”.
    Not much has changed in 60 years.

  8. Jim Moore says:

    We are again the joke of Fairfield County. Whomever sent the DPW’s home on FR night to rest up needs to get fired. I bet if City had plowed through night we wouldn’t be facing this issue. Don’t fret becasue I know someone down turn with turn this disaster into an opportunity to raise our taxes.

  9. Carole Bourne says:

    I would just like to thank some of my neighbors on North Abram Street in Stratford for coming to our aid today .
    Dave Urban,Mark, Greg and Mr & Mrs Carroll
    We had a town truck down the road last night at 530pm,one sweep and it was gone , the snow was up to my waist {being as I am 5’3″} my husband can no longer shovel any more due to his health ,our son put his back out while shoveling Saturday trying to get the back and front steps clear ,so that left myself {I am a cancer survivor}my daughter and granddaughter
    THANK YOU neighbors you were life savers

  10. RichardLV says:

    Hot Tip:
    If you’re going to get 30 inches don’t wait until it all falls and then think you are going to remove it (easily).
    It’s not fun but you have to stay out there and push it off.
    I hope Bridgeport has a lot of “welders” down at DPW bcause you are going to “now” knock the heck out of the plows.
    From what little I saw of the piles and drifts, you will need a lot of payloaders to move this stuff and that takes a lot of time…

  11. I think one of the issues for the towns is there is no facility for making emergency purchases when something like this happens. Why not give the town purchasing department emergency powers to hire local contractors that have dump trucks, loaders etc. In fact, it probably is better to outsource this and not tie up town $$ in equipment that gets used a couple of weeks a year anyway. Probably some union rule that prohibits on top of the procurement rules of the town and State.

  12. cursedwithasmallpp says:

    Actually those small trucks are just fine, if they had enough of them and cut up the town to smaller pieces of pie that the plow guy had to cover then they could have easily stayed right on top of this storm and kept plowing away.. SO why bow the big dough to buy the huge pay-loaders..sometimes smaller is better