Rising complaints: Where’s the plow?

People living on streets that haven’t gotten plowed are getting a little restless.

One reader blamed their town for not purchasing the right equipment. “Why is it that we continually get huge storms and they continue to purchase equipment for minor plowing? In Canada they get 7 1/2 feet of snow in a week and the roads are drivable the entire time. How come they can do it and we can’t? Their budgets for the entire town for all operations equal our plowing budgets alone and we still get nothing done in a reasonable amount of time.”

Derby Mayor Anthony Staffieri said this historic storm taught the city an important lesson — the small pickup and dump trucks can’t handle this amount of snow. “They just can’t push this amount of snow,” he said. “We had to hire some independent contractors with payloaders.”

Oxford First Selectman George Temple says a number of snow plows became stuck in the deep snow.

In this video above shot this morning, Oxford DPW crews are using a pay loader to clear town roads. The pay loader was followed by a regular plow truck. Roads are totally cleared, but passable. Crews tried to push the snow off the road, but sometimes had to dump huge piles of snow on yards.

Jim Shay