St. Vincent’s outpatient facilities, college remain closed

Though St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport reopened its urgent care walk-in center in Monroe earlier today, many of its other facilities will remain closed until further notice.

All of the hospital’s outpatient areas and services will be closed tomorrow, with the exception of its Radiation Oncology Department and Ambulatory Infusion Center, due to storm-related issues. The outpatient services that will be closed include all imaging in the Radiology Department, all elective surgery, and St. Vincent’s Family Health Center.

St. Vincent’s College will be closed.

The offices for Hall-Brooke Community Residential Services and St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health “The Center” Outpatient facility in Bridgeport are also closed tomorrow.
Staff should check with Hall Brooke supervisors in the morning regarding the accessibility and opening of Lois Street in Norwalk and the Fairfield facility.
Also, The St.Vincent’s Special Needs Program at the Feroleto Center in Trumbull and the Adult Day programs in Norwalk and Stratford–B-3 and Family Center will also be closed tomorrow.

St. Vincent’s Urgent Care Walk-in Center in Monroe will be open, and more information will be forthcoming regarding the walk-ins located in Bridgeport, Fairfield and Shelton, and St. Vincent’s Wound Healing Center in Trumbull. Anyone with an immediate health issues should proceed to the emergency department of St. Vincent’s, which wil remain open.

For more information regarding rescheduling of appointments, patients are asked to call the appropriate department or the main line at 203-576-6000.

St. Vincent’s staff should call the main line and ask for Nursing Service or visit the website for more information on rides or carpooling.

Amanda Cuda