8 a.m. traffic update

I-95 at the Sherwood Island connector in Westport, 8 a.m.

I-95 at the Sherwood Island connector in Westport, 8 a.m.

The traffic volume on I-95 is easing, but the number of cars on the Merritt Parkway is increasing as the morning wears on.

The worst traffic is on the southbound side of I-95, from the Stratford Avenue exit (30) to Exit 24, Kings Highway, at the Bridgeport-Fairfield line. After that things open up considerably, though you won’t be driving at the speed limit until you’re through Norwalk.

On the Merritt there is a 20-mile stretch where you’ll be moving between the gas pedal and brake pretty much constantly. That fun house ride starts at the Main Street South/Route 111 exit and continues on to Wilton Road/Route 33.

Everything else is in pretty good shape. There is a three-vehicle crash on I-91 in Middletown that has closed the left lane.

Route 8 is flowing freely in both directions and Metro North reports that its trains are on or close to schedule. As the heat builds though there may be delays in service because of the effect of high temperatures on the catenary system.


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