Do we live in “Hurricane Alley”?

Late August is traditionally the peak season for tropical storms in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is upon us again.


Some of the worst storms have hit us in August, including the back-to-back drenching from Connie and Diane, which touched off the state’s worst flooding in 1955. “The Flood” is all you need to say in the lower Naugatuck Valley; people know what you’re talking about.

The lesser-known Hurricane Bob, which made landfall on Aug. 19, 1991, killed six people in Connecticut.


And then there was Tropical Storm Irene. Enough said.

But big storms can come much later. The Hurricane of 1938 arrived in September. Superstorm Sandy delayed Halloween last year.


Stock up on plywood, bottled warter and duct tape, and hope for the best.

Frank Juliano