Malloy: As temperatures drop, shelters are strained

It’s extremely cold outside across Fairfield County, and authorities of all kinds are warning that it’s only going to get colder. The National Weather Service says southern Connecticut could see thermometer temperatures of -10 F. And other parts of the state could have see lows around -25 F.

That has many people around the state crowding into emergency shelters, seeking a warm place just to make it through the night.

In a storm briefing today in Hartford, Gov. Dannel Malloy said that shelters around the state are operating past their limits–at about 120 percent capacity. Still, they’re staying open and extending their hours to try to prevent any freezing deaths.

Malloy also praised the work of road crews around the state in keeping the streets and highways clear. And he encouraged everyone around the state to check on elderly or lonely neighbors tonight to make sure they’ve got shelter and resources they need:

Wes Duplantier