State sends more salt reinforcements to local governments

With yet another major snowstorm set to pummel the region on Monday, officials in Hartford have been working to make sure cities and towns have enough salt to make the roads driveable during and after the latest big snow.

Gov. Dannell Malloy says that 22 towns around the state — including Ansonia, New Milford and Stratford — received more salt from the state Department of Transportation.

The governor said the state has now sent about 17,000 tons (yes, tons) of additional salt to nearly 100 towns across the state this winter. Just a few weeks ago, Malloy declared a state of emergency as local supplies of salt ran dangerously low.

The state itself is responsible for treating interstates, U.S. highways and state routes that go through towns. Malloy’s office says the state has plenty of material coming in from previously planned shipments.

Earlier this week, the state’s major contractor, International Salt delivered about 45,000 tons of salt at the Port of New Haven.

Wes Duplantier