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West Norwalk Association- Holiday Party


Well, it is post turkey time and on to our next holiday feast.  A regular tradition within the West Norwalk area is the Holiday Party sponsored by the West Norwalk Association.

The West Norwalk Association was founded in 1947 and acts as a “quality of life” organization.  The board of directors and  volunteers provide their time for “Good Deeds”, such as cleanups, scholarships beautification projects, aiding neighbors in need, welcome baskets to new homeowners and important issues including zoning, roads, traffic and historical preservation.  This year was a busy with awarding two BMH seniors with scholarships, a forum introducing  political candidates,  a desperately needed Spring cleanup post one suprise snow storm and another cleanup after hurricane Sandy.

After a tough year economically and  weather-wise, it is a joy to look forward to a holiday party and forget all of the woes of the world.  Here are the details for the party:

WNA Annual Holiday Party

Thursday, December 6, 2012

6:00-9:00 P.M

Dolce Center

32 Weed Avenue, West Norwalk

For all member who have paid their 2012 fees, the party is free. For those that have not, the fee is $5 per household.

They will be having a food drive this year, because most of the food pantries have bare cupboards and need help.

Looking forward to seeing friends and neighbors!

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