Don’t be a sap, enjoy some Saturday

Even though this winter has been unseasonably mild, throwing all sorts of Mother Nature’s rhythms off their ecological clock, the sap is running.

At least that’s the report from Earthplace, the environmental center and nature preserve in Westport at 10 Woodside Lane.

So on Saturday, they plan to tap into this sweet harbinger of spring — it starts officially in less than three weeks — with a “Sap to Sugar” program at 2:30 p.m.

Becky Newman, the Earthplace director of programs, will show how to tap a sugar maple tree and make maple syrup. The event, held rain or shine, also will feature a campfire and hot cocoa.

Cost is $10 per Earthplace member family and $20 per non-member families. For information, call 203-227-7253, ext. 107, or check HERE.

John Schwing