P&Z hearings on traffic, water view amendments

Two proposed text amendments to the town’s zoning regulations are scheduled for review this week by the Planning and Zoning Commission this week.

One of the proposals concerns traffic and parking, while the other addresses waterfront views.

The P&Z meeting where the regulations are scheduled to be reviewed starts at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, in Town Hall.

Here’s how P&Z Director Laurence Bradley described the proposed amendments in a press release:

“Amendment No. 663, (Application No. 13-043), was submitted by the Planning & Zoning Commission’s traffic subcommittee. Specifically, the amendment includes provisions to improve sight distances at driveways of development sites that are reviewed by the commission.

“There are also new provisions with respect to traffic impact studies which are submitted as part of redevelopment projects and are reviewed by the commission.

“In addition, certain parking relief regulations will now require Special Permit approval.

“This amendment gives the commission greater discretion to modify project which may have adverse traffic or parking impacts.

“ ‘The amendment is intended to create a greater margin of safety for drivers exiting larger development projects,’ ” Bradley states in the release.  “ ‘Also, the commission will be better able to judge, and in some cases mitigate, potential adverse traffic and parking impacts.’

“Amendment No. 664, (Application No. 13-044), also submitted by the commission, will now require waterfront access and protect river views on all commercial and Special Permit Use properties.

“ ‘The changes are entirely in keeping with the Town Plan which strongly encourages waterfront access and maintaining river views,’ ” Bradley states.

The public can comments on the proposals at the P&Z session, or submit written comments to the P&Z office before the Thursday hearing.

Copies of the amendments are available for viewing in Town Hall both in the P&Z Office and in the office of the Town Clerk.

Once the hearing is closed by the P&Z on each amendment, no more information or comments will be accepted.

John Schwing