Bicycle response training offered regional EMS and police

The following is a press release from Westport EMS:

Westport Emergency Medical Service is sponsoring a Bicycle Response Certification Training Program for regional EMS and police personnel. The four days of training began last weekend and continues this weekend. Participating in this program are members of Westport EMS, Stratford EMS, Greenwich PD, Hamden PD, and Bridgeport University Security.

The certification program, taught by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA), teaches public safety cyclists how to safely patrol and respond on bicycles to emergencies, both on- and off-road. Students spend hours in skills development, riding on varying types of roadways and surfaces and in diverse traffic situations, and practicing patrol tactics or EMS-specific techniques. They learn to ascend curbs, descend stairs, maneuver through tight turns and crowded conditions, and perform emergency maneuvers designed to avoid crashes.

Police and EMS Agencies across the country deploy bike teams to provide swift response in situations with limited access for police cars or ambulances, such as parades, large crowd gatherings, and stand-by events. Bicycle response teams usually are first on scene and able to perform life saving techniques minutes before the arrival of motorized personnel. Westport EMS created its bike unit four years ago, and has deployed teams annually to events such as the Compo Beach Fireworks, Memorial Day Parade, and the Stamford Balloon Parade.

IPMBA is the premier training organization for public safety cyclists such as Police and EMS personnel. Since its founding in 1992, IPMBA has trained tens of thousands of public safety professionals in safe and effective police, EMS, and security bicycle operations. IPMBA training is recognized and respected as the gold standard for public safety cycling throughout the United States and beyond its borders such as London Police and EMS in the UK.

Members of the press are invited to observe this weekend’s training firsthand. Training occurs at different locations and times throughout both days, so please contact Michael Salvatore in advance to find out what training will be occurring and the location being used. He can be reached at 203-509-9339.



Anne Amato