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Military Veterans Served and Feted at Family Y Luncheon

On Sunday, Nov. 13, the Family Y was proud to host a special annual luncheon for military veterans from Westport, Weston and other local communities.

The festivities were held in the Family Y’s Bedford Room and were well attended by an array of veterans, from those who served in World War II to Vietnam.

Also on hand was one of our towns’ most enterprising journalists, Mike Lauterborn, of the Westport News. He filed this report, headlined, “For those who served the nation, lunch is served in Westport“.

It begins, “Each was proud to have served the nation. Most were glad to have returned home. And all were happy to share their stories of sacrifice and glory, difficult losses and even love during the wartime eras in which they served.

On Sunday, the Westport Weston Family Y saluted local military veterans with a luncheon, the second consecutive year the event has taken place in conjunction with Veterans Day…”

To read the complete article and view photos, please click here.

Below are some photos of the occasion. More photos can be found on the photo-album section of the Family Y’s Facebook page.

Longtime Y member Tom Lawrie, seen in the above photo on the left, is in the back row, third front left, in this photo from his active-service days.

Water Rat swimmer Gabby Wimer provided the musical accompaniment again this year.