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American Red Cross Salutes Our Family Y’s ‘Community Hero’

The Family Y's Steve Forlano, with his Red Cross Heroes award, presented on April 5, 2012.

Midge’s Membership Blog:

The annual American Red Cross Community Heroes of Connecticut Awards, presented to Good Samaritans of Fairfield County, took place at the Trumbull Marriott on Thursday, April 5.

One of the honorees was our very own Steve Forlano, Membership Supervisor.  Steve found himself in a situation late last year that required fast thinking, calm nerves, and skill.

In August, a Family Y member, playing basketball in the lower gym, collapsed on the floor, unconscious and without a pulse.  Fortuitously, one of the basketball players was a nurse and immediately began chest compressions on the unconscious player.

Within seconds, Steve and Fitness Coordinator Michael Friedman were alerted, called 911 and rushed down to the gym with a first aid kit and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  Michael prepared the AED while Steve tended to a major head wound the player sustained when falling to the floor.

The ending of this story is a happy one.  After a single AED shock was administered, the patient’s pulse returned while Michael continued with rescue breaths and Steve continued to monitor the head injury until emergency personnel arrived and the member was taken to Norwalk Hospital.  The man not only survived, having an angioplasty procedure and 17 stitches to his head, but is thriving beautifully, still playing basketball at the Y. His fiancée called to thank our guys for “saving his life” due to the immediate and vital care provided.

Steve credits the CPR/AED training that is mandatory for all Y staff with his ability to act and react promptly.  “You hope there will never be a situation when you need to use that training, but when there is, those skills kick in and you operate instinctively.”

I’m just proud that I get to work with this Hero every day!