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Family Y Progress Report, Friday, Nov. 9

One of the few things saved from the remediation of our Child Care Center -- our accreditation plaque.

The end of a second week of trying conditions and complex tasks as the Westport Weston Family Y strives to resume operations. But with cooperative weather for the weekend and restoration plans fully in progress, we end this week on a hopeful, upbeat note.

Pat Costanzo, the Family Y’s indefatigable senior director of facilities and management, reported on Friday afternoon that remediation efforts are well in hand and that essential replacement parts and ensuing repairs to our electrical and mechanical systems damaged by Superstorm Sandy are coming into place. Progress also has been made on our efforts to restore temporary power to our entire facility.

As these systems are repaired and tested early next week, we’ll know more about our capability to begin to resume partial operations to our members and community in the days that follow. We’ll continue our best to keep you up to date about our recovery efforts and timeline for reopening.

In the meantime, Family Y staffers have done their best (and called in a lot of favors) to procure alternate sites for some of our classes and programs. Here’s the current schedule for those Family Y activities. (Please note that Patti Kondub’s “dry” aquafit class scheduled for Monday morning at the Senior Center will not take place as scheduled, as the Center is closed for Veteran’s Day.)

We also encourage our Members to avail themselves of the reciprocal privileges that allow them to use other local YMCAs during our temporary closure.

Child Care

One particular focus late this week was about the status of our Early Learning Programs. Our Family Y is the area’s largest provider of child care services, and we fully realize how hard these past two weeks have been for our Y families with young children who need care, and maybe more importantly, need a semblance of normalcy and order back in their lives.

Tasha Dennison, senior director of child care and school age programs at the Y, met with her staff on Friday to, among other things, confirm the list of equipment and supplies that we need to purchase both for the temporary move to the first floor of the Bedford Building and for the Child Care Center when we move back downstairs.

Tasha is also working with the state licensing authorities and other agencies (like the Westport Fire Department) to gain approval to move into our temporary space.

It is impossible for us to give a firm date of when we’ll be able to restart our Child Care services at the Family Y. If everything falls into place, it’s likely that the earliest date would be Monday, Nov. 26. We have scheduled a meeting with all our Child Care families for Monday evening and will update them at that time with the latest information.
Fortunately, we can report that our Family Y will be rebuilding its Child Care Center with all new, beautiful equipment, furniture and materials. Sterling Investments has generously offered to purchase materials through one of our main vendors, Discount School Supplies, which will greatly aid this effort.

Again, thank you for your continued patience and understanding. We will keep you up to date about the latest developments in our recovery effort and how these efforts may impact the timing and scope of our reopening.

If you have a specific question or would like to volunteer your support, please contact Rob Reeves directly, via or 203-226-8981, ext. 131.

To support our Family Y with a financial contribution, please click here to access our online donation form, or contact Paul Bernetsky, Chief Development Officer, at 203-226-8981, ext. 115 or (Use the Comment box to give us specific information about processing your gift. We thank you.)

More information about our Family Y, including additional photos, may be found at as well as the Y’s Facebook page.