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Important Update About the Family Y’s Recovery Efforts

Some repairs to our flood-damaged facility will take longer to complete, but the Family Y hopes to resume partial operations in the coming week.

We thank our members and the community for continued patience and understanding as the Westport Weston Family Y proceeds with the complex task of making the necessary repairs to our facility in order to re-open as soon as we possibly can.

As you will see from the following progress report, resuming operations even on a limited basis requires many things to be accomplished in sequence and without further complications.

If all goes well with this process, we hope to re-open our locker rooms, fitness center, upper gym and group-fitness studio the week of Nov. 19. We will announce a specific date for our re-opening as soon as that decision can be made and will provide further details regarding access to the building and the scope of the services we will be able to provide at that time.

In the meantime, Family Y staffers have arranged for some of our classes and programs to take place at alternate sites around our community. Here’s the current schedule for those Family Y activities.

We also encourage Y Members to continue utilizing other area YMCAs through the “Always Home at the Y” AWAY reciprocal program.

Membership Credit Options

We realize that these temporary measures are not convenient for every member nor do they adequately address the terms of your Membership with the Family Y. Therefore, we want to offer credit during this difficult time.

Here is a pdf of a notice we are mailing to all Family Y Members that outlines credit options. Please let us know if you would like to make any of the choices offered by following the instructions provided in the letter.

Status of Repairs

The types of major repairs required to our aged infrastructure do not happen quickly, but we continue to make positive progress each day. Here are some specifics:

Power, Heat and Safety Systems

– The new burner and replacement parts for the boiler that provides heat to the Bedford Building have been delivered. Installation will begin on Thursday and will take about 3 days to complete before we can fire up the boiler and test it for safety.

– The boiler that supplies heat to the Firehouse, which houses our Fitness Center, will be repaired once parts arrive as expected on Friday.

– The internal components for the main electric switch gear located in the Bedford basement will arrive on Thursday and will take 3-4 days to be installed.

– The secondary power supply, located in the sub-level of the Weeks Pavilion, has been rebuilt. Once the repairs are complete, a second external generator will “back feed” that panel to supply power to rest of the facility. We expect that to take place on Thursday, if all goes well.

– At that time, likely by Friday, we can get the smoke detection contractor to begin the necessary repairs to this system.

– On Monday, we expect to have our sprinkler system repaired.

– Only then can we ask the fire marshal and building inspector to clear us to allow members back into the facility.

Our beloved Brophy Pool, built in 1929, awaits water, and a whole lotta heat, to bring it back to its customary 90-degree temperature.


– The Stauffer Pool circulator motor has been removed and is being rebuilt. We hope it will be back to us on Monday to be re-installed.

– We expect the new pool heater for the Stauffer Pool to arrive by Friday.

– After the Stauffer pool heater is back in service it will take a few days to raise the temperature to an acceptable level.

– The Brophy pool is heated by the main boiler, so once that is operational we’ll be able to refill, filter and heat it.

– Bottom line: If all goes well, our pools will be ready for swimmers after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Again, we will provide you with specific dates for the re-opening of each pool as soon as they are established.


– We are getting bids to restore the floor of the lower gym and will undertake those repairs as soon as possible. The upper gym was not affected.

– Portions of the walls and flooring of our Child Care Center that were damaged by the flood water have been removed. Once that area is completely dry and disinfected to prevent mold we will begin to rebuild that space. Most of the electrical panels have already been replaced.

Child Care

Our Family Y is the area’s largest provider of child care services, and we fully realize how hard our temporary closure has been for our Y families with young children who need care, and maybe more importantly, need a semblance of normalcy and order back in their lives.

It is impossible for us to give a firm date of when we’ll be able to restart our Child Care services at the Family Y. If everything falls into place, it’s likely that the earliest date would be the week of Nov. 26.

At that time, please be aware that Y Members will not be allowed to enter the facility through the Bedford Building. All Y Members will have to enter the Y through the doors on Church Lane or the Baldwin Parking lot. The Bedford Building entrance, and restrooms across from the Bedford Room, will be restricted to use by Child Care students.

Dance Center

Lillian Cenatiempo, Dance Center director, has been in contact with participants and reports that upon re-opening our dance classes will take place in the upstairs studio and the squash/racquet ball courts.

“I have taught classes in the courts before and they are very similar to the studio space; the only thing they are missing are mirrors,” she says. Because of this venue change for some classes, she asks that dancers check in at the Membership Services Desk 5 minutes before their class time so that their instructor can take the students up to the squash/racquet ball area should that be where their class is.

A Special Note of Gratitude
Please join in expressing our profound appreciation for the tireless and expert work being done by Pat Costanzo, senior director of facilities management, his staff and small army of contractors toiling to get our Family Y back up and running.

If you have a specific question or would like to volunteer your support, please contact Rob Reeves directly, via or 203-226-8981, ext. 131.

To support our Family Y with a financial contribution, please click here to access our online donation form, or contact Paul Bernetsky, Chief Development Officer, at 203-226-8981, ext. 115 or (Use the Comment box to give us specific information about processing your gift. We thank you.)

More information about our Family Y, including photos, may be found at as well as the Y’s Facebook page.

Below are two photo galleries. The first is of various Family Y programs taking place at alternate sites during our temporary closure. The second gallery is of photos of our repair efforts.