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The Family Y, a Vital Part of Daily Life That Is Sorely Missed

The Family Y Member Services Desk is still silent, but efforts are well under way to restore power and other essential services to allow the Y to re-open on at least a limited basis.

Midge’s Membership Blog

For the past three weeks, I have had a lot of time on my hands with the Y being closed.  No reason to set my clock for 6:00 am and lay out my YMCA shirt and no chance to take up my daily position behind our Member Services Desk, to check in, and check up with, all my Y members and friends.

I have had a surplus of time to think about all the things I could be, should be, would be doing with all this unwanted time and I can think of nothing else but when will the Y open so I can be ‘myself’ again?!

I know so many of Y members feel the same way I do.  Our Family Y is such a mainstay for so many of us in the community, a precise destination on our daily schedules –right up there with brushing one’s teeth, getting dressed and eating breakfast.

It is the place you go after your kids are safely on the bus for school or after you catch up on your emails or before lunch with friends or in between shopping and cooking dinner or before bedtime or any ole time at all.  For some of us it is an extended day trip with classes, workout, swim, sauna, shower; for others it’s a quick, “get-down-to-business” workout squeezed in before or after work.

For so many, staff and members alike, the Family Y is a vital part of our everyday life and it is sorely missed! We hope to see you soon, and please check for the latest updates about our efforts to re-open.