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Free Membership Gives 7th Graders a ‘Winter Break’ at the Y

The Y's Upper Gym bustles with activity during Open Gym time.

The Y's Upper Gym bustles with activity during Open Gym time.

Modeled after successful programs at other Ys and introduced last year here in our community, the Westport Weston Family Y’s Seventh Grade Membership Initiative offers all local seventh graders free membership, from their graduation from sixth grade to the end of the seventh grade. Last year some 125 kids took us up on our offer, and this year’s enrollment is similarly strong.

We wanted to let participants of our 7th Grade Membership Initiative know more about the Family Y’s schedule next week, Feb. 18-22, so here’s a listing of the free times in our Upper Gym and one of our Pools, as well as some special activities just for you.

Open Swim 1-6 pm; Open Gym 1:30-4 pm
Open Swim 1-6 pm; Open Gym 1:30-4 pm
Open Swim 4-6 pm; Open Gym 1:30-4 pm/5-8 pm
Open Swim 1-6 pm; Open Gym 8:30-10 pm
Open Swim 1-6 pm; Open Gym 1:30-4 pm/5-10 pm;
Table Tennis in Dance Studio, 1-3 pm

The Y's free 7th Grade Membership offer includes orientation sessions on how to use the Fitlinxx exercise system.

Want to Use the Fitness Center?
If you have already taken your 3 Fitlinxx orientations, you can use the Fitness Center. If you still need to schedule your orientations, just call the Y to set them up, 203-226-8981. Use this week to get all your orientations done so you can work out the rest of the school year!

Our 7th Grade Members have access to the entire facility, including Group Fitness classes. Here’s that schedule, in case you want to try a Spin class, Yoga session or Zumba class next week.

If you have a friend who wants to sign up for their free Y 7th Grade Membership, great! Simply tell them that their parent has to sign them up on their first visit, and we need to see their student ID. Students can’t just be dropped off without an active Y membership.

Click here for our Seventh Grade Membership brochure. And click on this link to read the most recent article about this innovative program.

Remember, your membership is for your entire 7th grade school year, not just on vacation days. So feel free to come in any day — we would love to see you here at the Y!