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"As the holiday approaches, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends," says CEO Pat Riemersma.

Sharing Y Stories of Another Year of Being Thankful

Midge’s Membership Blog: Thanksgiving always seems to creep up on us way before we’re ready. The milder temperatures, especially compared to last year, contribute to the ‘not quite ready’ for the
The Y partners with dozens of local nonprofits, like Horizons at GFA, a summer-enrichment program for students in Bridgeport.

The YMCA’s Annual Campaign: Together, We Can Do So Much More

Midge’s Membership Blog: Ninety-two years ago, Edward T. Bedford made a dream come true by giving our community a wonderful new YMCA.  The vision that he had then is the vision we have now: Creating a
YMCA Member Millie Wade-West, after setting the course record in the Machu Picchu Marathon in Peru.

What Makes Milly Run

Midge’s Membership Blog: Milly Wade-West is energy personified.  She is ever moving, coiled energy, boundless, ready to spring into action at any time.  As she dashes into the Westport Weston Family
Emily Duvoisin, 97, enjoying one of Ruth Sherman’s aqua aerobics classes in the YMCA shallow warm-water therapeutic pool.

The Ageless Grace & Beauty of YMCA Member Emily Duvoisin

Midge’s Membership Blog: The first thing you notice about Emily Duvoisin is that she is beautiful, and seems to have an aura about her; a quality from within that surrounds her like a halo.  She also
Y colleagues Midge Deverin and John Poppa.

John Poppa: The Family YMCA’s Go-to, Gem of a Goodfellas Kind of Guy…

Midge’s Membership Blog: He could be a character out of the film, Goodfellas … you know, the young, handsome one with the dazzling blue eyes? He has charm and swagger and a delightful sense of
Avid YMember Doug Brill settles into his daily routine at the Y.

Doug Brill, the Most Unforgettable YMCA Member You’ll Ever Meet

Midge’s Membership Blog: It was a gloomy, rainy Monday morning, and I had just hopped on one of the recumbent bikes down in the Wellness Center when the gentleman next to me said “Hi.” I recognized
Midge Deverin and Vera Shanov share a laugh in the Welcome Center.

Family YMCA Staffer Vera Shanov: A World-class Person … and Friend

Midge’s Membership Blog: First and foremost, Vera Shanov is my friend. She is one of the chosen few who will keep my secrets, allow me to pour my heart out, laugh my head off, and scream my ridiculous
Brian and Bob Ference.

The Brothers Ference: Our Family YMCA’s ‘Swim & Gym’ Dynamic Duo

Midge’s Membership Blog: Brian steps behind the Membership desk at the Welcome Center, wet towel wrapped around his waist and starts writing a list of names of his private swimming lesson students.
A swim race in the Saugatuck, back in the day...

Camp Mahackeno Gears Up for Groundbreaking Summer

Midge’s Membership Blog: It’s hard to imagine, as I sit here writing this, looking out at the piles of encrusted snow still scattered on the fringes of the Family YMCA’s parking lot, that in just a
Devyn Mufson with Miss Lillian, her dance mentor.

Family YMCA Dancer Devyn Mufson Prepares to Step onto Larger Stage

Midge’s Membership Blog: Devyn Mufson… “That’s Devon with a ‘y’… my family is Irish and wanted me to have an Irish name but wanted to change it up a bit, make it a little more unique.” This beautiful,