Is Spark Energy Connecticut trying to use the tsunami in Japan to score some fans on Facebook?

Am I missing something here? I was catching up on some tweets this morning when I saw this doozy, retweeted by the unimpeachable @NewsTimes: I’m confused. Is the Connecticut division of Spark Energy

Poll: Do you text and drive?

HARTFORD — Tougher penalties for drivers who violate Connecticut’s cell phone ban and streamlined environmental permitting for development projects are among the new state laws set to kick in Friday

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Report: Danbury Hospital CFO arrested on federal fraud charges

The Times-Tribune in Scranton, Pennsylvania is reporting that Danbury Hospital CFO William Roe was arrested on federal wire fraud and interstate transport of stolen funds charges on Aug. 17 — and has Fox TV reporters assaulted by husband of Manchester beer theft suspect

Sean P. Quail, the husband of the suspect police say received stolen beer from Omar Thornton, the shooter who killed eight people in Manchester earlier this month assaulted two Fox television

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Video: Woman attempts suicide in New York subway

I haven’t seen any news stories about this yet, but a video on YouTube shows an unidentified woman laying down on subway tracks recently somewhere in New York. An equally unidentified man eventually

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A quick note on two changes to our sites as of this morning: After relaunching the sites several  months ago, we’re out of beta! We’ve moved dozens of enhancements to the sites over the past months