Quick update on our commenting platform

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re hard at work to bring you a brand new way to leave comments on stories and photos!

Here’s a quick update:

If you’ve registered an account on more than one of our sites, you may be receiving an e-mail from us in the very near future regarding your account. We’re going to be consolidating multiple accounts registered to the same e-mail address. If this sounds like you, we’ll be letting you know which account you’ll be using going forward.

Also, if your screenname is the same as someone else’s, we’ll be sending you a note letting you know what your new screenname will be.

Of course, if you’re unhappy with any of the changes, you’re welcome to create a new account or opt-out altogether by e-mailing us here.

We’re excited to pull back the curtain and show off some of the new features you can expect in the weeks ahead. Thanks for your patience!

Keith Whamond