Local pros honored during National EMS Week

The nation’s emergency medical services (EMS) providers will celebrate National Emergency Medical Services Week May 20to 26.  In honor of National EMS Week, the Southwest Connecticut EMS Council will be celebrating at the May 20 Bridgeport Bluefish ballgame.

Any Public Safety professional who displays their Public Safety badge will receive a $2 discount off a regular game ticket.  State and Regional Emergency Preparedness assets will be on display beginning at noon in front of the stadium for Public Safety Professionals and the general public to tour them.  Some of these assets include the State Mobile Field Hospital, the Regional MCI Trailer, and much more.  The EMS Council has purchased tickets for each EMS Service in the Southwest Connecticut EMS Region.  These tickets will allow 10 members from each of the 14 EMS Services to enjoy the game and a picnic at the Stadium.

During National Emergency Medical Services Week, EMS providers work with their local communities to promote safety and to honor the dedication of those who provide the crucial lifesaving services of medicine’s front line.

In celebration of EMS week, the Southwest Connecticut EMS Council is asking  anyone who meets an EMS caregiver during the week to thank them for the work they do. For more information, visit www.ctemscouncils.org.

Amanda Cuda