State AARP director to retire

Brenda Kelley, director of the AARP in Connecticut, is about to join the ranks of the retired herself.

Kelley will step down by the end of the month, the association is reporting. The search for her successor is ongoing.

She joined AARP in 1999 as state director and the sole AARP Connecticut staff person and opened the first AARP office in Connecticut in September, 2001.

AARP-CT currently has 7 professional staff plus many volunteers. In addition to leading the AARP State Office, Brenda is a member of the Health Information Technology Exchange of CT (HITE-CT), appointed by the House Majority Leader to represent consumers, and chairs the Special Populations Committee.  HITE-CT is a Quasi Public Agency that will soon open the first statewide health information exchange.

Kelley also represents AARP on Connecticut Long Term Care Advisory Council and Money Follows the Person Steering Committee.  Prior to joining AARP,  Kelley was the manager of program services at the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits. Kelley also worked as a manager in various capacities at the state Department of Children and Youth Services including serving as New Haven area regional director, superintendent of Housatonic Adolescent Hospital, and state director of children’s mental health services.

She has five adult children, seven  grandchildren, and lives in Windsor with her husband, Tom.

Amanda Cuda