Hospital workers check into ‘Hotel St. Vincent’s’

Roommates. A cafeteria serving late night eats. The distinct possibility that sleep would be a scarce commodity.
It sounds like the kind of conditions you might find at a college dormitory, but it’s actually what staff at many local hospitals looked forward to Monday night as they prepared to spend the night at their places of business.
Unable or unwilling to traverse roads made treacherous by hurricane Sandy, workers at some hospitals either slept over in advance of their early shifts or bunked down after late shifts.
At St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, for example, spokeswoman Lucinda Ames said anywhere between 60 and 80 workers were staying the night at hospital.
Most would be sleeping in outpatient areas that were not being used during the storm. Ames said they workers will be provided with beds, sheets and towels — many of the comforts of home — and, as a bonus, they’d receive free food at the cafeteria, which will be open all night.
“It’s kind of like Hotel St. Vincent’s,” Ames said.

Amanda Cuda