St. Vincent’s update on hurricane emergency prep

St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport issued an update on its emergency preparations for Sandy this afternoon.
It reads as follows:
In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, St Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport CT has its Emergency Operations Center activated and is making preparations to handle the storm challenges.

The hospital has validated that it has adequate supplies, water, food and critical resources to handle any delays in deliveries due to power losses or inaccessible roads at both St. Vincent’s Medical Center and at St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services, Westport Campus.

St. Vincent’s has tested and confirmed that it has adequate generator power if needed due to any storm-related electricity outtages.The Medical Center has a built-in system of redundancies in place in the case of a power outage.

Managers are reviewing staffing for the next several days and are in contact with their employees to ensure an adequate staffing plan. Staff are being invited to come in by early afternoon for the evening shift before roads close. Night shift are encouraged to arrive early and may sleep here prior to the 11pm start of their shift. Staff who cannot return home safely are invited to sleep here as well. Cots are being deployed where needed.

On- call teams are being reviewed and many have confirmed to remain on site tonight.

St. Vincent’s College, St. Vincent’s Special Needs Services and the Seton Academy at the Westport Campus are all closed for today and tomorrow.

St. Vincent’s is closing its outpatient services including its Infusion Center and Radiation Oncology Department located at the main hospital, the St. Vincent’s Urgent Care Centers, Family Health Center and Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport until further notification. Regarding elective surgeries, patients should contact their physician’s office.

For those in need of critical medical help, our Emergency Department is open.

We ask Bridgeport residents with assisted medical devices requiring electricity, who may anticipate losing power, to go to the American Red Cross shelters provided for this emergency.

For more information on area shelters, please contact the Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center Resident Line at 203-579-3829 or call Info Line at 211.

For more information on St. Vincent’s, please follow posts to Twitter (@stvincentsmc), visit or call 203-576-6000.

Amanda Cuda