Carbon monoxide poisonings, other toxic exposure continue to rise post-storm

The Connecticut Poison Control Center has reported that cases of carbon monoxide poisoning continue to be high in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Since Tuesday, there have been 41 cases of CO poisoning throughout the state since Tuesday.

Much of this has been caused by generators used during power outages. The center has put out a list of dos and don’ts, asking that home and building owners not use portable generators or other gasoline-powered equipment (like tools) inside a home, garage, carport, basement or other enclosed space, such as a covered porch. Other tips include using gasoline-powered equipment, like generators, outside only and at least 20 feet from your home. Also, keep your generator away from doors, windows or air intake vents and make sure outside vents are not blocked with snow or leaves.

Carbon monoxide isn’t the only toxin plaguing state residents, however. The poison control center has also seen six people sickened by propane gas, one made ill by siphoning gasoline and one sickened by an unnamed substance.

For more on carbon monoxide and other toxins, visit the poison control center web site at

Amanda Cuda