An “Appetite For Life” quiz

You might have read today’s story on the recently released book “Appetite for Life:the Thumbs-Up, No-Yucks Guide to Getting Your Kids to be a Great Eater.”

Want more tools to get kids interested in food and nutrition? How about this fun quiz from the book? Answers are below.

1. I grow in the ground and am the most popular American vegetable.
2. I have a reputation for curing many different diseases. Vampires hate me, but I taste great in Italian food.
3. If you try cutting me, I might make you cry!
4. You can make juice, jelly or wine out of me, but I make a great snack when eaten fresh
5. I am the only fruit with my seeds on the outside.
6. My leaves are poisonous, but my stalks make delicious pies.
7. Most people think that I’m a vegetable, but I’m actually a fruit. In fact, I’m the biggest fruit there is.
8. I am the most popular vegetable on St. Patrick’s Day.
9. I’m a leafy green and the lutein I provide helps your eyes to see well.
10. I can be spicy or sweet. I can also be red, green, yellow, orange or purple.

Do you know the answers?

Answer key: 1. Potatoes; 2. Garlic; 3. Onions; 4. Grapes; 5. Strawberries; 6. Rhubarb; 7. Pumpkins; 8. Cabbage; 9. Spinach; 10. Peppers

Amanda Cuda