HealthBridge workers slated to return to work by Monday

The injunction filed yesterday by a federal judge against New Jersey-based HealthBridge management demands that striking workers at five of the company’s nursing homes be reinstated by Monday, Dec. 17.

About 600 workers at West River Health Care Center in Milford, Long Ridge in Stamford, Danbury Health Care Center, Newington Health Care Center, Westport Health Care Center have been on strike since early July. The walk-out was in response to HealthBridge instituting a “last, best and final” contract after more than a year of unsuccessful negotiations with the union. The union representing the workers, New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, SEIU, has argued that the contract is unfair and was illegally implemented.

In addition to reinstating the workers, the injunction demands that wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment be returned to what they were before the “last, best and final” contract was implemented.

In celebration of the legal victory, hundreds of HealthBridge workers from all five picket lines will gather today at noon outside the Newington Health Care Center today at noon for a mass picket line and rally.

Amanda Cuda