Self magazine names Bridgeport region one of 20 healthiest cities for women

Attention ladies — if you live in Bridgeport and the surrounding communities, there’s some good news for you. The health and fitness magazine Self has named the Bridgeport metro region the 13th healthiest city for women. The magazine just released its ranking of 100 metro areas based on their health benefits (or lack thereof) to females.

The rankings were based on 58 criteria, including rates of disease such as cancer and depression, the percentage of women covered by insurance, air quality, crime rates, and other factors. The Bridgeport metro area — which also includes Stamford and Norwalk — scored firmly among the top 20 cities. Among other things, the magazine cited our region’s lower-than-average rates of skin cancer, heart attack and coronary heart disease. The New Haven region also fared well, scoring as the 17th healthiest metro area in the U.S. The Hartford region was 34th.

San Jose, Calif. was ranked as the healthiest metro area and Tulsa, Okla. was deemed the least healthy.

Amanda Cuda