Flu decreases to “moderate” levels in Connecticut

Good news, Connecticut — you might be able to canoodle with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day without fear of catching the flu.

The state Department of Public Health says that flu activity in Connecticut has decreased to “moderate levels,” based on flu surveillance data for the week ending Feb. 9. That week, 7.3 percent of total emergency room visits were attributed to fever. That’s down more than a percentage point from the previous week, when 8.4 percent of ER visits were attributed to the illness.

The percentage of outpatient visits by those with influenza-like illness was 2.1 percent in this most recent week — down a smidgen from 3.3 percent the week before.

Even though flu is on the decline, this has been a particularly rough season, with more than 4,399 confirmed cases of flu — more than quadruple last season. Also, 1,725 people have hospitalized with flu and there have been a total of 27 flu-associated deaths. Most of those deaths were in individual grater than 65 years of age.

Amanda Cuda