State: TB cases have declined in state

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) today said that new cases of tuberculosis (TB) in the state are at their lowest levels, but warned that the disease is still a serious concern and demands vigilance to keep it on the decline.

World TB is Sunday, and health officials throughout the country say progress is being made in the fight against TB.
Connecticut is among the states with the lowest rates of TB, according to a press release sent out Friday by DPH. In 2012, there were 74 cases of TB disease reported in Connecticut, down from 83 cases in 2011.

TB, a potentially deadly disease, is transmitted through the air and is both treatable and preventable.
It particularly affects persons from countries where TB incidence is high, persons who have HIV or
other immune compromising conditions, and persons who have recently been exposed to someone
with TB disease. People infected with TB can take medicine to prevent them from getting sick and
potentially spreading TB to others.

The DPH TB Control Program is responsible for TB control efforts in the state and works with healthcare providers and
local health departments in a variety of activities including monitoring for new cases, assuring
completion of treatment of disease, investigating and treating contacts who have been recently
exposed and promoting screening and treatment for infection among at risk persons.
For more information go to, visit the Department of Public Health TB Control Program website at or call (860) 509-7722.

Amanda Cuda