Heat-related cases filter into Bridgeport hospitals


An 11-year-old girl with dehydration and several people with respiratory issues are among those sent to the hospital in the first day of this latest heatwave.

Though most hospitals didn’t respond to requests about heat-related illness, both Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center reported a handful of heat-related cases today. At Bridgeport Hospital, an 11-year-old girl from a Westport day camp came into the ER with dehydration. Few details were released about the child, though she is expected to be treated and released.

Meanwhile, St. Vincent’s had three patients come in with respiratory illness and one come in with dehydration. None were reportedly serious.

Each year in the US, several hundred people are killed by heat-related conditions, and thousands become ill. In Connecticut, dozens of workers are seen in emergency departments each summer due to the health effects of heat stress, according to the state department of public health. Common heat-related illnesses include heat exhaustion, a relatively mild ailment marked by such symptoms as elevated temperature, confusion, fatigue and dizziness. Also common is heat stroke, which is far more life-threatening. Heat stroke is far more life-threatening, he said. It can start as heat exhaustion and elevate. Symptoms include seizures, collapse, and extremely high temperature, as with a fever. If you suspect you or someone else has heat stroke call 911 and seek medical care immediately.


Amanda Cuda