Bridgeport to provide prescription discount cards

Informational letter on city's new prescription drug discount program.

Informational letter on city’s new prescription drug discount program.

Through a partnership with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the City of Bridgeport will be providing all Bridgeport residents with a Prescription Discount Card, which can be used to help residents save money on prescriptions, vision care and more. This card is being provided to all city residents at no cost to residents or to thecCity.

Mayor Bill Finch will offer a full explanation of all the benefits of the Bridgeport Prescription Discount Card during a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 1:30 p.m.

The CCM launched the program in September of 2012. It’s now offered in 112 municipalities, including Danbury, Monroe, Ansonia, Derby and Seymour. Bridgeport is the latest city to offer it, and many nearby municipalities — including Stratford — don’t yet have it. The program is geared toward those without prescription coverage, or whose insurance doesn’t cover certain drug. So far, about $2.5 million has been saved on prescriptions by state residents, according to CCM.

Amanda Cuda