Flu past its peak; still “widespread”

AP Photo

AP Photo

The Connecticut Department of Public Health reports that flu activity in the  state appears to be past its peak, but the contagious respiratory illness remains elevated in most areas within the state and is still classified statewide as “widespread.” As of Feb. 22, the percentage of outpatient visits with influenza-like illness in the state had fallen off from previous weeks. But other indicators of flu activity — including statewide emergency department visits for flu-like symptoms — have remained close to their previous levels.

The number of flu-related deaths also rose to 16, up from 12 the previous week.

A total of 3,341 people have tested positive for flu this season, with the highest number of cases (894) in New Haven County. In previous weeks, Fairfield County had the highest number of cases, but it has slipped to third, behind both New Haven and Hartford counties. Still, with 835 cases, it’s much more flu-ridden than the fourth-ranking county, Windham, which had 207 cases.

Amanda Cuda