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Satsuma season

“Look what I got!” I said to EatDrink Junior. I pulled the fruit out of the bag.

“Whoa! Can we eat it?” he asked, jumping up and down.

Let me tell you, we know how to have fun in this house. Yesterday I spied the display of satsumas (satsumi?) at Whole Foods and knew I had to get some. The only time I’ve ever heard about satsumas was from my niece’s body wash. I didn’t know it was a real fruit. According to Wikipedia, a satsuma is a seedless and easy-peeling citrus fruit. I wondered how it differed from a clementine. It definitely peels easily, but the difference is in the flavor. While clementines are deliciously sweet, the satsuma is bright, tart and juicy. The kind of fruit that refreshes but leaves you wanting more. It was fabulous. EatDrink Junior and I fought over the slices. In the end, I relented, but I’ll be going back to get more. Apparently they’re only in season for a few weeks, so if you want to give them a try, now’s the time.