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Gift idea: Kitchen science

As promised, here’s another great gift idea for the food lover in your life: The Cuisine R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Kit.

(That’s a mouthful, huh?) Think of this as a science kit for home chefs. Here’s what you get in the kit: a box of tools (rubber hoses, droppers, spoons), an instruction booklet, a DVD, and five boxes of food additives. With these goodies, you can become a mad scientist in your own kitchen and learn techniques such as gelification, spherification, emulsification and siphon whipping. So, for instance, you can make balsamic vinegar “pearls,” or yogurt raviolis or mojito bubbles. I have one of these kits sitting under my tree and I can’t wait to use it. I’m thinking this might be the perfect entertainment for New Year’s Eve dinner. The kit sells for $58.95. For information, check out