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Oh. No.

I love Trader Joe’s. I love their food, I love their philosophy and I love their sense of humor, as can be seen here:


That made me laugh out loud when I read it. But then I saw this and thought, “Oh no, not you too!”


Yes, even Trader Joe’s has hitched a ride on the pork belly bandwagon. I shared my opinion here, but just in case you missed it, let me say it again. No more pork belly! Yes, it has flavor and yes, it’s a natural progression from the religion that is bacon. But here’s the thing: it may come from the same area of the pig, but bacon it is not. Bacon is crisp and delicious and one of the top wonders of the culinary world. Pork belly is just a big slab of greasy fat that is more suitable to soap-making or fueling ye olde oil lamp. I welcome any arguments to convince me otherwise.