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Bits and pieces

Have you noticed the spicy  influence that’s been spreading like wildfire in Fairfield? I’ve been checking out the new places (like Rio Bravo and Geronimo) and will have a full report soon.





In the meantime, I’ve been making desserts. My sister gave me a mini pie maker. Normally I’m not  into gadgets, but this one was too fun to pass up. For the initial batch I went with good old apple pie. The edge crusts came out darker than the rest of the pie, but Mr. EatDrink and EatDrink Junior devoured them, so I’m guessing they were good. I’m looking forward to trying out some savory pie recipes. I’m thinking chicken and leek might be next.


I also tried a recipe that keeps popping up on Pinterest. It’s cocoa banana vegan “ice cream.” Basically you freeze a banana, then process it in a blender with some cocoa powder until it takes on an ice cream-like consistency. It looked delicious. Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. It tasted like … a frozen banana.vegab