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Coffee worth the embarrassment

cafeConfession time: I’ve been wanting to go to Terrain in Westport ever since they opened, but I could never quite get there. The reason? The parking is valet and my car is in no condition to be seen by a stranger, even if it is a high school kid. So when my friend suggested we go the other day– in her fancy, spotless convertible– I saw my opportunity.

If you haven’t been, Terrain is like a nursery meets Anthropologie with a coffee bar and a restaurant thrown in. Almost everything is ridiculously overpriced (I saw one woman pick up a lip balm and say, “Fourteen dollars?”), but by the same token, the space is enchanting. While I was browsing, an employee came up to me and asked if I owned a Mercedes SUV.  I laughed and thanked him for the vote of confidence.

We had already had lunch, but decided to get coffee and split a chocolate chip cookie. I ordered a Café Mocha, and I have to say, it was the creamiest, smoothest one I’ve ever had. It was more coffee than chocolate and was rich without being too sweet. I was impressed. I may never buy anything in the store, but the Café Mocha alone is worth cleaning my car for.

Terrain: 561 Post Road East, Westport;203-226-2750;