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Fixing Fido

Lisa Wysocki, left, Suzanne Steinberg, and Susan Maounis

Lisa Wysocki, left, Suzanne Steinberg, and Susan Maounis, all of Greenwich, Conn., are good friends and animal advocates. They also share a vision of reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats in the hope of eliminating the suffering and euthanasia of unwanted pets. Then they had an idea: Fido Fixers.

They decided that they can best make a difference by purchasing a state-of-the-art surgical mobile veterinary clinic and making it available to groups like Pet Rescue of Larchmont in N.Y. and other rescue groups that they have developed relationships with over the years. Here is an example of the surgical mobile veterinary clinic.

Volunteer veterinarians will provide the services and the mobile unit will travel to various economically distressed areas, primarily in the southern states, where cost, transportation and the lack of veterinary services are obstacles to spaying & neutering their pets.

They have had their first benefit and are going to do more.  But they need donations to make this dream come true.

To donate, contact, or learn more about Fido Fixers at

Helen Neafsey