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Cats from Pet Protectors


Buddie is an adorable  buff color male neutered cat, approx. 2-3  yrs old. He is mellow, sweet, cute
and still slightly cautious with people until he knows you. Buddie has had a rough start in
life and so deserves a home. He is FIV pos. and just needs to be the only cat or in a home
with another FIV pos .cat.  He may be best in a cat experienced and patient adult home   He will come around soon as he knows you better.
He so deserves a home.  He is some what sad and it has been too long.
URGENT for foster / permanent home, everything provided for a foster home.
Please open up your heart and home to Buddie. Applications on our website.


Jennie and Annie

Jennie and Annie have lost their longtime home by no fault of their own.  They are sad, confused and homeless.  Jennie, the mom, is approx 6-7 years old. Annie, her daughter, is approx 4-5  years old.  Jennie is very affectionate, and Annie is shy at first. They are black and white female spayed cats, healthy, mellow, calm, well behaved and inseparable. They may be best in a quiet, adult, cat experienced patient home who will give them time to adjust.  They will come around very soon. They are fine with other mellows cats and dogs. Urgent for a reliable foster home until placed, everything provided.

Helen Neafsey