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Greenwich Animal Shelter to host an Open House

Howard a 1-year-old male pit bull, loves people and toys and has a tail that never stops wagging.

Howard and a group of dogs and cats are waiting to find a home and a friend. Planning the Greenwich Animal Shelter Open House, Linda Bruno, a volunteer, invited people who are in my story in December,  “More Pit Bulls need Adoptions.”  Gene Schmidt, the assistant principal at Julian Curtiss Elementary School and  his wife, Angela, the principal of North Mianus Elementary School will come with Bella, and Charles Costello and Erin Randall will come with Kermit. Ken Berenson, the dog trainer, may come too.

Several pit bull dogs have found a home.  Now we need to find a warm home for the rest of them.

The Open House is on Sunday, February 3, 2013, from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

The Greenwich Animal Control Shelter is on 393 North Street in Greenwich, Conn. (Near the North School.)


I look forward to Sunday – to see friends: people, dogs, cats and of course, Howard, the happiest dog in the world.

Helen Neafsey