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Adopt-A-Dog: good-bye to a wonderful shelter dog.

Pac at Adopt-A-Dog

Monday March 4th, we said goodbye to our sweet old boy Pac. Pac came to us almost 4 years ago, and spent more than 3 of those years as our kennel kitchen dog. He was loud, energetic, and full of life. Pac exemplifies what it means to be a dog that enters our shelter. We dedicate ourselves to preserving an animal’s quality of life for the duration of their stay with us. For Pac, that meant becoming his family and being with him everyday up until his final moments on this earth. Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, Pac always had a big, cushy bed to sleep on, medication to manage the painful arthritis he suffered from, and an endless supply of cookies, treats and stuffed toys. Pac’s spirit is now free, and we will never forget him.


Story by Kristen Alouisa, Adopt-A-Dog shelter manager

Geoffrey Tishman photographer

Helen Neafsey